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About us

The Ibiza Preservation Fund aims to help preserve Ibiza’s exceptional beauty and natural value.

About us

Who we are

The Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) exists to preserve Ibiza and Formentera’s exceptional beauty and natural value and promote sustainable initiatives. The islands need to evolve so the tourism-based economy can co-exist harmoniously with our unique cultural and environmental heritage. We support this evolution by funding and enabling nature and biodiversity preservation projects on land and at sea.

The IPF was set up in 2008 by William Aitken, Serena Cook and Ben Goldsmith. The friends established the fund in response to unsustainable growth patterns on the island, largely driven by mass tourism.

Since then, with the support of local businesses, residents and lovers of Ibiza and Formentera, we have raised €1.098.000 in funds to preserve the islands.

Initially, the IPF was supported administratively by The Ecology Trust, an English grant-making charity established by the Goldsmith family. To grow stronger roots on the island, we became a legally independent Spanish entity in 2015 – Fundación para la Conservación de Ibiza y Formentera.

By helping to preserve the islands’ natural resources, such as water, landscapes and the marine environment, we want to contribute to local well-being and prosperity.

Join us to support the preservation and prosperity of Ibiza and Formentera so future generations can also benefit from, enjoy and love our land and sea.

What we do

We raise money from people all over the world who care about Ibiza and Formentera’s future. Funds are used to support environmental initiatives and promote best practices.

We connect experts, local players, communities, not-for-profit organisations, business and public entities to achieve the best environmental outcomes for our islands.

We partner with local, Spanish and international organisations to carry out projects that protect our land and sea.

We champion environmental causes and technology that will better position Ibiza and Formentera for a more sustainable future.

We commission studies, facilitate information and participate in discussions to drive positive environmental change.