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The team

The team

Sandra Benbeniste

Sandra holds a degree in Law and Economics (Deusto), and a Masters in Environmental Law and Development (LSE). She started her professional career in 1996 in Central America and Mexico, promoting sustainable development of micro and small businesses, working both with NGOs and the United Nations in order to achieve this. Back in Spain in 2001, she worked as director of the Spanish branch of the Swiss foundation AVINA, and as director of programs at the Ecology and Development foundation (ECODES). In 2009 Sandra started to work as a Corporate Social Responsibility consultant for Johnson & Johnson, to develop and launch their environmental and community relations activities. From 2005 Sandra has also given lectures on CSR and responsible consumption for several Masters degree courses. Based in Ibiza, Sandra started as IPFs Executive Director in September 2012.

Isabel Bermejo

Isabel became involved in environmental activism in the 1980s, supporting efforts to stop the destruction of biodiversity-rich Mediterranean forest in southern Spain by eucalyptus monocultures. Since then, she has been actively involved in the Spanish environmental movement, in particular in forestry, agriculture and biodiversity issues. In 1990 she was elected to the Executive Board of the European Environmental Bureau, representing the Spanish Environmental movement for 2 years in the European federation. From 1996-2007 she has lectured on the Módulo de Biodiversidad in the Master in Agroecology of the International University of Andalucía. She lives in Cantabria, in northern Spain. She works part-time for IPF, primarily helping to assess funding applications.

Jon Cracknell

Jon has worked on environmental issues since the early 1990’s. Following degrees in Social and Political Sciences and then Mass Communications he worked in the early 1990’s for a London-based public affairs company which specialised in lobbying for non-profit clients. Since the end of 1993 Jon has worked with the family of the late Sir James Goldsmith, initially as a researcher for Sir James whilst he was a member of the European Parliament, and since 1998 as the director of the family’s philanthropic activity. Jon helps to coordinate the UK Environmental Funders Network (EFN)  which brings together 130 foundations funding environmental initiatives, and he is a Board Member of its US equivalent, the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA). He has responsibility for oversight of the legal aspects of IPF, in his role as secretary of The Ecology Trust.