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Land Bank to Promote Farming


Land Bank to Promote Farming

To encourage new farmers to the land, the Land Bank project has created a database of abandoned farms offered for organic farming under a stewardship contract. The Land Bank was established in 2011 by the Association of Organic Producers of Ibiza and Formentera (Associació de Productors d’Agricultura Ecològica d’Eivissa i FormenteraAPAEEF) with our support.

We provided €8000 to the project, which also received funds from the EU Local Support Group (Grupo de Apoyo Local) GAL programme.

The aim of the Land Bank is to reverse farming abandonment in Ibiza and promote organic agriculture.

In 2014, we also provided €20,760 in funding to help strengthen the APAEEF and Ecofeixes, its organic farming cooperative.