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Promoting Renewable Energy

Amics de la Terra

Promoting Renewable Energy

Despite its great solar potential, less than 1% of Ibiza and Formentera’s electricity comes from renewable sources. The big power plant operated by GESA on the outskirts of d´Alt Vila is the main source of electricity for the islands. But for decades this power plant has also been the main source of local air pollution, emitting massive amounts of CO2, SO2 and other pollutants that are either powerful greenhouse gases and/or a significant health hazard.

By providing information on “dirty” energies and promoting renewable options, Amics de la Terra intends to encourage people to switch to green energy suppliers and to local renewable production.

We granted €10,000 to Amics de la Terra to support its work in 2013.

We also provided €7140 to fund a documentary on renewable energy – “Ibiza and Formentera: 100% Renewable.” The 50-minute documentary by Biocam has been a useful tool to spark debate on the islands’ energy consumption and production. It is available to view here.