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Reducing waste

The reduction of domestic waste needs to be encouraged in Ibiza.

Reducing waste

The reduction of domestic waste needs to be encouraged. Less than 13% of rubbish is recycled in Ibiza (21% in Formentera) and the landfill sites are struggling to deal with increasing levels of waste each year. To reduce waste we have to change our ways of consuming and throwing away. The Ibiza Preservation Fund recommends the following:

Reduce, re-use and recycle.

  • Think before you buy – buy only what you need
  • Avoid items with unnecessary packaging – nearly a fifth of all household waste is packaging from retail purchases
  • Say no to plastic bags – take your own bags with you
  • Choose reusable products
  • Start composting
  • Recycle at the different recycling locations dotted around the island – yellow, green and blue bins situated on road corners and outside supermarkets
  • Give things away or take them to the auction. Buy second hand goods.

Recycling in Ibiza

Ibiza has good recycling points dotted all over the island, with three main recycling bins. People are often confused about what exactly they can put in these bins.

The yellow bin is labelled “envases”. You can put three types of containers in these:

a) plastic containers (eg plastic bottles, plastic bags, yoghurt pots)
b) tin or metal containers (eg tin cans, cans of beer or soft drinks, aerosols)
c) Tetra Pak (cartons of milk, soup, juice, sugar)

The green bin is labelled “envases de vidrio”. You can put all glass containers in this (without lids).

The blue bin is labelled “envases de carton”. You can put all cardboard containers in here as well as paper. But no cartons or paper spoiled with oil or grease.

For more information please see www.ecoembes.com

Second Hand Shopping

There is a great auction in Santa Gertrudis the first Saturday of every month called Casi Todo. There are also flea markets every Saturday at the Hippodrome in San Jordi, and every Sunday at Cala Lenya (San Carlos) where you can sell unwanted goods and buy second hand.

FUNDACIÓN DEIXALLES collects and resell second hand furniture at their outlet, Pou de na Massiana, 27. Poligono Montecristo. San Antoni (971 191 118).
They sell everything from fridges to outdoor furniture and are worth visiting regularly.

Deixalles also has a Vintage shop in Ibiza Town, at Pasaje Balafia, 4 – local 28.

CARITAS  has also developed  a second hand program, A Tot Drap. Clothes, shoes, bags, and toys donated are then sold at the following shops:

  • Tienda solidaria de Es Clot: c/Josep Riquer Llobet nº 16, 07800, Ibiza. Teléfono 971 30 42 82
  • Tienda solidaria de Vila, c/ Carlos III, nº 27, 07800, Ibiza. Teléfono 971 31 17 62  extensión 15
  • Tienda solidaria de Sant Jordi: c/ del cementerio s/n, 07817, Sant Jordi.  Teléfono 971 39 66 24
  • Tienda solidaria de San Antonio: c/Lepanto nº 5, 07820, Sant Antoni. Teléfono 971 80 38 35
  • Tienda solidaria de Santa Eulalia: c/ Historiador José Clapés nº 19, 07840, Santa Eulária. Teléfono 971 33 69 48

If you want to give away your clothes, you can deposit them at the red (CARITAS) or white (DEIXALLES) containers.

You can locate the red containers  here.