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100% Renewable Ibiza

With Ibiza enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s hard to believe less than 1% of the island’s power comes from solar energy. To encourage households and businesses to install solar and speed up the island’s transition to renewable energy, we recently coordinated a study, ‘Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Status, Cases and Opportunities in […]

Nota de Prensa: Energía Solar en Ibiza

Presentación del estudio sobre Energía Solar Fotovoltaica: Experiencias y Oportunidadesen Ibiza, promovido por la Fundación para la Conservación de Ibiza y Formentera. La Fundación para la Conservación de Ibiza y Formentera (IPF) se complace en presentar el estudio Energía Solar Fotovoltaica: Experiencias y Oportunidades en Ibiza. Este estudio quiere destacar que aunque todavía existen barreras […]

Partnering with Juan y Andrea to Protect Posidonia

While browsing the menu at Restaurante Juan y Andrea, you’ll see a message “Juan y Andrea believes in the importance of preserving our marine environment. We are supporting local NGOs to protect the threatened Posidonia meadows, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage.” We’re delighted Juan y Andrea has partnered with the Ibiza Preservation Fund to […]

What you can do to prevent forest fires

With record high temperatures, little rain and an abundance of dry vegetation, Ibiza and Formentera face an extreme risk of forest fires during the summer months. Forest fires can have a serious impact on our natural spaces, wildlife, businesses and houses. The devastating fires in 2011 saw thousands of hectares of forest destroyed and residents […]

Salty News

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with SAL de IBIZA, the iconic “Cristal de la Vida” from Ibiza, to support projects that protect our marine environment. “We are proud to join hands with the Ibiza Preservation Fund to protect and safeguard our favourite island for us and future generations to love and enjoy,” says […]

Annual Report 2016

“Working Together to Preserve Ibiza and Formentera” is the theme of our 2016 Annual Report. The report covers four key areas – Sea, Land, Water and Energy. It includes information on the work we’ve done with local and international partners, highlights from the year, our supporters and how you can help us. As well as […]

Annual Report 2015

2015 IPF Annual Report We are proud to announce that we have just published our 2015 Annual Report. The report describes the projects that we  supported last year, as well as our partnerships and fundraising strategies. We hope you enjoy it! You can download it at the following link: Annual Report (PDF, 2,4Mb)  

New Foundation creation

With the creation of the Fundación para la Conservación de Ibiza y Formentera we have given an important step towards the consolidation of our work in the Pitiusas.   Having worked since our creation (2008) under the umbrella of British Charity The Ecology Trust, this year 2015 we decided to create a new Spanish entity legally independent, […]